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Marymount College was started in 1954, by the late mother Enda Barret O.L.A under the episcopacy of bishop P.J Kelly SMA It is the oldest catholic girls secondary school in the then Bendel state i.e. today’s Edo/Delta state. In 1950, Sr Enda began a girls residential school. After repeated requests by Bishop Kelly, the students of the residential school were transferred to to make room for the first secondary class of 34 girls in January, 1954. Mother Enda, Sr Cyprian, Sr Hilary and Miss Kate Okolie were among the first members of staff.

Like all pioneering ventures, the school was faced with many problems. There were few amenities and only very meager resources. Water had to be fetched at a stream over a kilometer away. There was just one block of 4 classrooms; two were used for class, one as a domestic science class and one as a dining room. By 1960 however, most of the essential buildings including a staff house, library and science laboratory were provided. Due to lack of staff, the first class five students were transferred to St Theresa’s college Ibadan, it was in this College that they sat for their O level Cambridge examination. Mother Enda retired after this

The mantle of leadership was handed over to Rev Sr Rosarii and she became principal in January, 1960. Sr Rosarii devoted herself to raising the academic standard of the school. She designed the blue uniform and the school badge. At this time, Sr Stella Maris, Miss .M. Smyth, Miss O’Sullivan and Sr Andrian joined the staff. It was due to their hard work the school in 1964 registered 100% pass in WASC for the first time. Rev Sr Rosarii went on transfer to Akwanga and was replace by Rev Sr Cuthbeth OLA. In 1964.

Although Sr Cuthbert’s stay in Marymount was comparatively short, she is remembered by her contribution to the physical development of the school. During her tenure of office, she fenced the school round so as to secure boundaries against encroachment and for security. She introduced physics as a subject and equipped a temporary laboratory. Marymount became a double streamed school in 1965.

When Sr Cuthbert left in 1966, Sr stella Maris O’sullivian was acting principal. It was she who had to cope with the gigantic problems presented daily during this difficult period leading up to the outbreak of the civil war in July, 1967. From 1967 to 1968. The College was occupied at different times both by the rebels and Federal armies and school was closed for a long period. As is to be expected, much damage was done to buildings and grounds b7 the occupying forces. By May, 1968, the College settled back to normal life.

Rev Sr Kathleen Sweeny was appointed principal at this time and on her fell the task of reconstruction and rehabilitation. Under her able leadership, the college was revitalized both physically and academically. When she left in April, 1972, the scares left by civil war on compound and student were healed. Miss Ishbel Mckay took over from Skathleen and she inturn was replaced by Rev S perpetual Htanbury in September, 1972.

In 1972 Hockey was revitalized in the school and the State cup for Hockey was won by the school in 1973. The Geography society produced a magazine which they tagged; “THE MOUNTAINEER”. The school has since maintain a high standard performance in hockey at both state and national levels. It has produced international players like Miss Anna Ikolodo and Rose Enemoh who won laurels at international levels.

Academically the school had also maintained a high standard. In 1975, the school won the Governor’s shield which was awarded to the best all-round school in the state. The discipline tone of the school rose and was maintained throughout her tenure as school principal.

Rev Sr Perpetua’s method of Administration witnessed a lot of physical development. She built the College Hall, the Home economics block and tarred the main road from the main gate to the school compound. She made use of the PTA who donated a bus to the school. The ministry also donated a bus to the school. The principal’s quarters was built. A story building housing 10 classrooms was also constructed.

1984 saw the emergence of the first old girl and one time senior prefect of the school, as principal in the person of Mrs. M. G. A. Asoya. She worked hard tirelessly to maintain discipline in the school. During this period, a block of three classrooms was built. The old girls’ Association launched and laid the foundation stone of a storey building which on completion would house the administrative block and a library complex. This project was never completed. The college made great marks in sports academics and music. A school choir performed and even featured in NTA Benin. It was during her tenure that the school system was changed to 6:3:3:4 system. In March 1993, Mrs. M. C. Ojej took over as the principal of the school. The ever improving standard of the school got a boost in her period. In a quality Assessment inspection report carried out by the federal Inspectors of Education of 200 good secondary schools in Nigeria, the college came 9th position and 2nd position at state level and 1st position within IAK land. Some buildings were given a face lift, namely a block of four classrooms, the school’s dining hall and the kitchen.

Further developments include the sinking of borehole for water. This project was commissioned on the 19th of March 1994. A block of three classroom financed by the school PTA was also completed although this served as the administrative block for school two. Six water system toilets were built during this period.

In September 1996, the school was split into two – the senior secondary school headed by Rev Sr Nuala Edozien while Mrs Ojej headed the Junior school. They both worked diligently to maintain the much enviable academic standard of the school. Sr Nuala took up the challenge of renovating; putting up structures and demarcating the staff room, in particular to give it a new look in the whole area now regarded as school 11.

On 12th February,1997 Mrs Efeizomor took over from Rev Sr Nuala. She worked very hard to maintain the rich legacy of achievement left by her predecessors. She also embarked on the following projects such as the construction of an ultra modern water system toilets for student and teachers. To help solve the problem of water, she constructed a well beside the toilet. She also constructed a block of six classrooms. In the year 2001, the computer room was built. It can comfortably take 50 students under her administration the school won laurels in quize and essay competitions at local and state levels. In 1998 the school produced the best chemistry student in Delta state in the person of Agbobu Patience and in 2004, Ifeyinwa Osagie also emerged as the best student in Chemistry for Delta state.

In May 2000, Mrs Onyijen Ngozi took over the administration of the junior school from Mrs M. C. Ojeh. She constructed a computer Hall and worked tirelessly to equip it. Apart from this, a lot of renovations and maintenance were done.

On 24th June 2005, Mrs. Onyijen Ngozi handed over the mantle of leadership of Marymount college to Mrs. F.J Ighorodge School 1

On 13th September, 2006, the “torch line” magazine for the institution was launched. From May 2006 to June, 2010 Mrs. CA Ikenwa was principal for senior school.

On 20th November, 2009, the committee for the handover of schools to the mission visited the school. Dr Mrs. Ogbuagu led the committee to inspect.

From September, 2007 to January, 2012 Mrs. Odiaka was principal for junior school 11 while Mrs Victoria Okowa was for junior school 11. From January, 2012 to July, 2013 Mrs Efeizomor was the school principal who saw to the smooth transition of the school from the government back to its original owners.

On 27th October, 2011, the school was officially handed back to its original owners (Catholic Mission)

21st January saw the complete hand over of the 3 schools i.e

• Marymount College Senior

• Marymount College Junior School 1

• Marymount College Junior School


Rev Sr Winifred Amaka Diagboya resumed as the current school principal on 19th September, 2012. Over the years despite the effort of my predecessors to seeing to the structural maintenance of the school with meager funding and a population of students too large to maintain, Marymount college had more dilapidated buildings than good and solid ones. Marymount could best be described as a school that had seen better days.

On 16th September, 2012 Sr Winifred and Sr Philomena her Assistant received the first new Marymount students; Miss Nzei Judith Chikamso and Onoriode Glory. They both arrived to resume as the pioneer students of the school under the proprietorship of most Rev Dr Michael Odogwu Elue, the bishop of Issele-uku Diocese. They took up residence at the OLA sisters Convent since St Theresa’s hostel, (the former St Agnes Hostel) was still under renovation. On Monday 17th September 2012, 10 academic and 2 non academic staff resumed work. The school had teachers for all subjects offered in JSS 1. It was indeed a very humble and interesting beginning, our assembly was quite unique with two students and 11 staff members, two sisters and three priests !!!

The management seeing the need to change the initial plan to make it a full boarding school, with the permission of the proprietor, decided to admit day students as well. Miss Amaka Ofiri became the first day student for the new school.

A hostel with a capacity of 40 boarders, self contained with a matron’s room was completed and as this time there were three boarders who moved into the hostel which also served as the study hall and common room for recreation.

The school held her first inaugural mass on 11th January 2013. This was presided over by Rev Fr Mike Okonkwo. He predicted that some day the chapel would be filled with students from both within and outside the country.

The school saw a need to design an outing wear for the student, a lovely brown cheque with a hat was introduced, and this uniform was worn for the first time on 17th February 2013. In a bid to give the school a face lift and initiate growth, an old block of two classrooms, computer room and administrative offices. The old girls (Lagos branch donated towards the tiling of the floor of the entire block).

The renovation of two hostel building gave birth to the present common room dinning room, kitchen, laundry and matron’s apartment. The old girls, Asaba branch contributed towards the realization of this project.

The once enviable science laboratories which is presently dilapidated and vandalized was not useful to the students hence a need arose to convert a classroom into a science laboratory with the science equipment handed over by the former principal. The junior school laboratory was first put to use on 11th October, 2013.

29th November saw the canonical visit of the school proprietor in the person of most Rev Dr Odogwu Elue and the chairman diocesan education commission Very Rev Father John Aduba.

The maiden Christmas carols and Drama was held in the school hall. It was a very successful outing.

On 15th January 2014 the school kiosk was opened as a means of generating income to aid the young school.

The fencing/ construction of a new gate which commenced on 12th November 2013 was completed on 5th March 2014. This project was funded by the Delta State Government.

As part of ensuring that we train our young ones who will be future mothers, we introduced a termly school practicals aside from the one stipulated in their scheme. Sr Philomena and Mrs. Angela Ezeani were responsible. They were thought how to bake and prepare some dished.

As part of the spiritual growth for both staff and students, an annual school retreat is held during the season of Lent. Masses are celebrated every day in the convent chapel and confessions as well take place twice in a month. Catechism classes to prepare candidates for first Holy Communion and confirmation also takes places in the school. The holy rosary is prayed compulsorily everyday and daily prayers are observed as sacred periods in the life of the school.

The new school’s PTA meeting was held on 31st May 2014 and an interim executive body under the chairmanship of Barrister Idise was formed.

The Provincial team of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles paid a canonical visit to the school. They were quite impressed at the progress we had made and promised to continue to assist the young school.

On 21st July, 2014 a team of inspectors from the ministry came for a routine inspection of the school. The exercise was quite encouraging for the young school.

On 21st July, 2014 the young school held her maiden speech and prize-giving day. The highlight of the day’s event was the speech competition between JSS 1 AND JSS2 students. The JSS2 students won the trophy. On 10th October 2014 was the swearing in of our first set of prefects, it was a lovely but simple ceremony presided over by Rev Fr Innocent Ogbu (school chaplain) Miss Thelma Modebei was made the school head girl.

On 15th November 2014, the school marked her Diamond Jubilee. It was a wonderful day. The 2nd edition of the TIDINGS MAGAZINE was launched. The mass was presided over by the school proprietor Most Rev Dr Michael Odogwu Elue.

On 5th March 2015 Miss Lesso Amy Kesiena won a speech competition organized at James Hope College. She gave a wonderful performance which earned her a standing ovation and she came first position.

On 23rd March 2015 due to the increase in the number of boarding students, the school management with the permission of the proprietor, used the dividends realized from the celebration of the Diamond jubilee to renovate ST CECILIA HOSTEL. The work ended on 19th April.

On 25th April 2015, the first election was carried out by PTA and the following officers emerged:

• Chairman – Mr. Sylvester Ukwandi

• Vice chairperson – Mrs. Nzei

• Treasurer – Mrs Mordi

• Financial Secretary – Mrs Nduka

• Secretary – Mrs Angela Onwubiko

• PRO – Mr Okoh

23rd May – The PTA organized a fund raising so as to purchase the much needed school bus. It was a success. The chair person for the fund raising was then Senetor Authur Okowa (governor –elect) for Delta State.

9th October, 2015,Miss Idise Efemena came first position for the annual Chris Ikomi essay competition for junior category. She qualified to represent IAK N/EAST local government at the state level of the competition.

On 14th November 2015 Miss Genevieve Kenneth came 2nd position in a quize competition organized by Queen BIM. She lurked horns with 123 participants. She won a refrigerator set.

Due to the fact that the present our Lady of apostles hostel was dilapidated and life threatening, the school sought the help of a German catholic NGO called KINDERMISSIONSWERK. They made a huge donation which aided the school to renovate, extend and furnish the hostel. The renovation commenced on 16th December, 2015 and ended on 12th March, 2016

On 30th December, a school bus was purchased by the PTA for the use of the school.

4th March, 2016: the school witnessed her first Inter house sports Fiesta since it was returned backed to her original owners. It was indeed a memorable event and well organized and enjoyed by all who attended. The athlete of the year was Osemwen Osayomwanbor. 25th March 2016 saw the competition of the renovation and equipping of a block of four class rooms fully sponsored by PZ Cussons Nigeria limited. We are deeply grateful to them.

3rd may 2016 saw the re- roofing of the SCIENCE LABORATORY BLOCK. This project was sponsored by Missionaries of Africa based in the United states.

2nd July, 2016: Career Guidance seminar/workshop was organized by the school courtesy of our own Duchess Onyekachi the editor of KARIFEST magazine and an old student. She gave her services free of charge. We are proud of you. In her effort to continue the work of refurbishment badly needed in the school, the school management began the renovation of the laboratory block and the old refectory on 30th July. This came to a successful completion on 9th September 2016.

5th August 2016: the following students received an award from the Marymount college alumina based in USA/CANADA. Their books for the session were paid for by our dear old girls.

Thelma Modebie, Idise Efemena, Lovely Etuonu, Chukwudi Dorothy and Ogala Deborah.

On 26th September 2016, the vice principal and sister – in- charge of the hostel Rev Sr Faith Ogbeide after serving this grate school faithfully, was transferred. Rev Sr Anastasia Ebere came on board to replace her.

Our success story continues with our football team coming second position on 2nd December at the annual BISHOP’S CUP diocesan football tournament.

Our joys knew no bounds when our 16 students who sat for the 2016 basic certificate examination (JUNIOR WAEC) which took place in June 2016, came out with distinctions.


Today our student population has risen to 200.


We desire with the help of God and your support, to continue this success story. May our Lady of mount Carmel, the patron saint of the school continue to intercede for us as we grow from strength to strength.





Our vision is to create a school community where learners develop a passion for excellence and are empowered within a conducive learning environment, in order to attain qualitative education


To provide an enduring legacy of qualitative and affordable education in Nigeria. Our students as much as possible acquire the best education in a conducive, fair, competitive and dynamic atmosphere with the assistance of competent and dedicated teachers.